Saturday, January 1, 2011

Major Events in 2010


I had a lot of things happen this year that I just had to blog about in review. Most of the major events were meeting friends this year. :)

1. First off, I met one of my best friends Ali when we were down in Florida. It was so cool to hang out with her in Disney World and get to know her better while I was there.
Picture of Ali and me :)

Wearing funny hats:

2. Second, in July, I went to New York to spend a week with Natalie. I had a great time and it was awesome to see her again. This was the third time I had met her. I had spent the night there in June 2009, then she came down here in November of 2009.
This is a picture of Natalie, Sam and me from July:

3. In September Mom, Mimi, Gracie, Ian and I went to Williamsburg for a week. While there, I randomly heard from Bethany, a friend I knew through blogging, saying she wanted to meet up with me. So we did. :)

4. Soon after I got home from VA, my friend Sky invited me to come visit her! So in November I made my way across the USA, to the west. :) CO was an experience, especially since it was my first time on an airplane.

5. When I was down in North Carolina, friends from SC came up to see me. :)
*i don't remember what we were laughing at. :P
Left to right: Brenda, Matthew, me and Ginny.

Bible in 90 Days

Starting January 3rd, 2010, I am participating in reading through the Bible in 90 Days with Mom's Toolbox. I have done this once before - although I have read through the entire Bible twice so far and can't wait to do it again.

I really enjoyed doing the Bible in 90 Days Challenge so this time I am helping to mentor a group of people who are doing the Bible in 90 Days for the first time.

I am hoping to check back in here on my blog and let my readers know how I am doing with this challenge. Last time, I didn't blog about it, so this time I am going to try my best to tell you all how I am doing.
It'll also give me something to blog about and you all know I need something to write about, huh? I can't seem to be consistent about my posting so hopefully this will help to get me blogging again.