Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stellar Kart concert

So on Sunday evening, Mom and I headed to Mechanicsburg, PA, to a Stellar Kart concert. We left early, to go out for supper and then to the mall for a little while, then headed to the church where the concert was going to be at.
We were there super early, and ended up being the second people in line to wait to get in, and ended up getting good seats:

The first two bands, Same as Sunday and 7eventh Time Down were really not my favorite bands in the world, and while they were playing, Jordan and Brian from Stellar Kart were standing in the back of the church, running sound:

During 7eventh Time Down was playing, I headed to the back of the church, to ask if I could get pictures with them, but right when I got back there, Jordan walked out of the sanctuary, so I only got to meet Brian.

(I am wearing a Stellar Kart T-Shirt in that photo, but I zoomed it in.)

Then Stellar Kart went up on stage to set up their stuff.
Jon getting ready to play:

Jordan waiting to play his drums! (He is definitely the crazy drummer that my friend and I dubbed him as!)

And here are some random pictures from them playing:

Then, after the concert, we stuck around, to meet Stellar Kart, get them to sign my shirt, and get a picture with them.

With Stellar Kart:


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Prophecy by Dawn Miller

In this intense, emotionally charged supernatural thriller for young adults by author Dawn Miller, the angelic forces of heaven and hell wage battle over mankind, placing five gifted teenagers in the middle of a war only they can end. Each of the five has struggled since a terrifying night in their childhood, and as memories of that evening’s events come rushing back, and the dark angels make themselves known, they discover that what was meant to destroy them has instead opened their eyes to a world otherwise hidden from humankind.

Dawn Miller is an award-winning filmmaker and author who has written and produced several books, a music video and an urban teen drama. She lives in St. Louis with her teenage son and is currently at work on the graphic novel and feature film version of "The Watcher Chronicles".

This book is not one that I would've just found at a library, or read about on the internet, and wanted to buy, or pick up.
Just by reading about it - you can tell that it's going to be some sort-of fantasy type book and truthfully, fantasy is not my thing at all.
Starting this book was hard for me - I tried many times and couldn't get myself to read past the first couple of pages.
Then, one time, I knew that I had to open the book and actually read it.
So...I did.
I read the first chapter and then the second...and then the third...and the fourth and so on.
And once I was started, I couldn't get stopped. I read this book so fast.
Although it was fantasy and that isn't my favorite type of book, I absolutely LOVED this one.
And I can't even really tell you why. It was a suspenseful fantasy book, that made me want to keep turning the pages to see what was going to happen next.
So I did.
I'm not sure who to recommend this book to. Definitely to people who like fantasy books.
But if you're not a fantasy person...I don't know what to say. You might like it, you might not.
I liked it, but that might mean that you'd hate it. :P
Something that I really liked about this book - is that it had 5 main characters and in the book, it alternated chapters, between characters. So it was like getting into each of their perspectives.
At any rate, I enjoyed the book. You might too. :D
I can't wait to see if I can get more of this series to review! :)

Random Pictures Post

Hello everyone.

We're just about finished with school for the year. I am finished with everything, except my research paper. I'm an avid writer, but when it comes to writing a paper like this one - I am intimidated. I write thousands of words in my stories I'm writing with my friend, Kylie, in just a day, but when it comes to doing a research paper, I never know what to do.
Lame, I know.


Lately, I've come to love photo editing. It's so much fun! I know that a lot of you see these pictures on my facebook, but I'm going to repost some of them on here, for those of you who aren't my facebook friends.

But before I post them, I have to share this picture that my friend drew of me. She is amazing! :D

Now for the edited pictures.
I listen to a ton of Christian rock, pop, hip-hop music. So I love to take pictures of bands and add lyrics to the pictures. :D

What Faith Can Do by Kutless

Fm Static (above)

I am going to see Stellar Kart in concert on Sunday. I am so excited! :D They are definitely one of my favorite Christian bands. :D

Hawk Nelson (above)

With Jon Micah Sumrall of Kutless.

I'll be sure to post again here, pretty soon. I am going to the Stellar Kart concert, so I'll probably post pictures from that.

We are also going to FL in a couple of weeks, so that'll give me something to post about, also!