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I'm finished

I am finished moving over my old posts- from my old blog- http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/01charger.


Be sure to come back- because I will be posting on this blog regularly.

Jonas Concert (originally posted September 3rd, 2008)


WOW! You wouldn't believe how hard it's going to be for me to try to explain this concert. Not because it wasn't good, but because it was SO good it's hard to explain.

Our seats were really good, for not paying that much for them, and we had a really good view of the singers.....(Sam, I think that our seats were better than yours, just because you had a pole in front of you, and because you were farther back than us.) We were close enough to take good pictures without zooming in too much, and being able to see them on the pics! LOL!

Here is a pic of Mom, Gracie and I at the concert, right before it started:

The first band that played was the Veronicas, and well, I didn't really like them, so I didn't take any pictures of them. The sound was really bad when they were playing, and I could barely hear them over their music. But that's ok, I didn't like their sound anyway! LOL!

Demi Lovato played next, and since I really liked her before, I had a lot of fun listening to her sing in concert. She was really good. She was a lot of fun to watch, and she had some really good songs, so I'm definitely going to buy her CD when it comes out. Here are two pictures that I took of her at the concert:

I have a lot of videos, but it takes SO long to upload them to photobucket, so if I have the time, I'll upload them, but at the moment,I don't really feel like waiting for them to upload. But you can look at my pictures of the Jonas Brothers that I took. They were TOTALLY awesome to see in concert, and would've never given up going. I don't think that I've ever screamed that much in my entire life, because I screamed SOOOO much when the Jonas Brothers were on stage. They were SOOOO good. They sang most of my favorite songs from their two CDs, and they did really good on them. They had GREAT special effects, and had fire coming out of the stage when they came in, and fire during the song "Burnin' Up". It was a lot of fun to see.

Here is a picture I took of Kevin...(I'm sorry it's dark, but it's the best that I could do....but I had to post one, cuz Kevin is my favorite Jonas....):

Here is a pic of Nick: (Ok, I have to admit, on this picture, Nick looks really cute! LOL!) :D

Here is a picture of Joe (it's kind-of dark, but better than the one of Kevin):

Here is a few pictures of all three of them that I took:

Here is a picture of Nick's hand, playing on his guitar. It's a very random picture, but I really, really, really like it:

Here is one of Nick, playing the drums, holding a BIG drum stick! LOL!:

Here is another of Nick singing..I had to post it, cuz it's another cute one:

OK~ this one is really hard to see what it says, but in the flames, there are the letters "JB"....:

Here is another darkish and farther away picture of Kevin:

And here are two pictures of Joe:

Here is another of Joe (if you look really closely, you can see that they are up in the air...but that's when you look REALLY close):

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.......

The Summer of Cotton Candy Review (Originally posted on April 18th, 2008)

Click to see a larger image of The Summer of Cotton Candy by Debbie ViguiƩ

ABOUT THE BOOK: Sixteen-year-old Candace thinks her vacation is ruined when her father forces her to apply for a job at the local amusement park, but when she meets a mysterious “Lone Ranger” there she finds love and learns the value of true faith and friendship.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Debbie ViguiĆ© is the author of several books including Scarlet Moon and Midnight Pearls which was recognized as an ALA 2005 Popular Paperback for Young Adults. Debbie has been writing for most of her life and holds a degree in creative writing from U.C. Davis. Debbie loves theme parks and has worked at both Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland in California. When Debbie is not busy writing she enjoys traveling with her husband Scott. Debbie grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and now lives in Hawaii. Visit Debbie online at www.debbieviguie.com.

WHAT I THINK: I really liked this book. The main character, Candance, was really easy to relate to, because she is a teenager, who had to get a summer job, and had troubles and trials along the way. This was the first book I ever read by Debbie Viguie, but I am anxious to read more. This book was a first in a series, and I can't wait for book two.

Casting Crowns Concert (originally posted on March 29th, 2008)

Well, last night I went to a Casting Crowns concert, with my mom, my friend, and her mom.

Before the concert, we went to Texas Roadhouse for supper. I hadn't been there in forever, but I love it there. It has the BEST food~ i mean, if you like burgers, and steak!

Then we headed for the concert. It was awesome. It was Casting Crowns with Leeland and John Waller. Leeland wasn't my favorite band in the world, but I liked John Waller, and during the break, I got to meet him~ and get my picture with him~ he signed my concert ticket. Here are some pictures from our fun night:
This is John Waller. He sang first, and sang four songs. Sorry this picture is bad quality, but it was the only picture I have of him singing!

This is the lead singer of Casting Crowns, Mark Hall:

This a picture of the two girl backup singers in the band~ but I am not sure of their names:

She plays the violin alot~ and it sounds really good.

This is me and my mom with John Waller (right), and his guitarist (who I have no idea what his name is).

Here is my concert ticket, signed my John Waller, and his guitarist, who I dont' know his name! LOL

Well~ I had a really good time. I had gone to a Casting Crowns concert two years ago, when their Lifesong cd came out. It was really cool to go to another one!

Some pictures (Originally posted on January 16th, 2008)

Here are some pictures that we got taken yesterday. We went to Sears, and got them taken.
Here is Gracie and me ( Gracie is sitting in a BIG candy box):

Here is one of Ian, Gracie and me ( this picture was taken before Ian got in a bad mood):

Here is one of, Mom, Gracie, Ian and me ( this picture is going to be a gift for Dad on Valentines Day):

Here is one of Ian ( this was taken after he started to cry):

Here is one of Gracie ( she is wearing her Vietnam coat, just like Ian in the above picture):

Here is a picture of me:

And one more picture of me ( this is the one we ordered for school pictures):

Well~ I need to go~ like I said yesterday, I have sign language class today, I just wanted to post those pictures really quick!

Interview with Sonya Haskins (originally posted on December 1st, 2007)

As I promised yesterday, here is the author interview:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your family?
My husband and I have been married 13 years and we have 5 children: Sarah (11), Micah (10), Christopher (8), Daniel (6), and Hannah (4). These are our biological children. We did foster care for about 7 years and we love children. It would be terrific to have more, but I was very ill after I had Hannah and only had about a 30% chance of living. I was in the hospital for two months and in and out for a year. I still have complications even today from this. However, we hope that we'll be able to adopt one day.

Why did you write Homeschoolers Book of Lists?
I honestly wrote it because it was something I wanted to use and I thought it would be a terrific resource for other homeschoolers as well. It has turned out to be exceptionally handy!
What is your favorite list?
It depends on which day it is and which answer I need! : ) I will say that the chapter on foreign languages is my favorite chapter overall. I love foreign languages and I greatly enjoyed putting that chapter together. Well, I enjoyed putting the whole book together, but that's my favorite chapter.
I'm going to go a little off subject here~ If you could be an ice cream flavor what would you be and why?
I guess I would be rainbow because I think the colors are beautiful and it's always a blessing to bring more color into people's lives. As for taste, my personal favorite is simply chocolate.
If you could take your family to anywhere in the world, and money were no option, where would you go and why?
That's a great question. If money were no option, I would do ALL the time what we did this summer - travel. We spent six weeks traveling around the mid-west states and we visited Mt. Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, the Great Sand Dunes, Yellowstone National Park, and soooo many more terrific places. I met people everywhere and talked about God, creation, and the Biblical view of the world. I also talked about homeschooling and the book. It is my prayer that the Lord will continue to open doors for me to write books and I'll be able to travel more and more with the children. As they grow older, I would like to travel to other countries with them as well. So I would begin by going to all the states, then start traveling to different countries. Readers can visit my website to see pictures of our trip out west and read a blog of the whole six weeks. It's enjoyable reading!
Is there anything else you'd like to share with my readers?
I am available to speak at homeschool conventions and readers should visit my website at www.sonyahaskins.com if they would like to know more about the book, chronic pain, or homeschooling. Also, thank you so much for reviewing the book, Ashley!

Homeschoolers Book of Lists Review (originally posted on November 30th, 2007)

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by Sonya Haskins, author of Homeschooler's Book of Lists, asking me to review her book. I was excited about doing the review, and honored that she liked my blog enough to contact me.

When I received the book, I was surprised at how big it was. The Homeschooler's Book of Lists, is a 556 page book, filled with over 250 useful lists for homeschool students and there famalies. There are lists for religion, art and music, great people, and many more. The book is broken down into smaller sections so it is easy to find what you want. Also included is a disk, with all the lists available to print out.

I really enjoyed browsing through all the lists in this book. I'm sure that it will come in very handy in my school years, and afterward. I can really see me using this book in my history and Bible studies (those were some of my favorite lists.)

It is very obvious to me, that Mrs. Haskins put a lot of work into writing this book. I think that homeschooling families could get a lot of use out of this book.

If you would like to learn more about this book click here, or check out Mrs. Haskins website.

*Please come back tomorrow, because I will be doing an author interview with Mrs. Haskins.

Meeting Steven Curtis Chapman (Originally posted on November 28th, 2007)

As promised, here's the picture of us meeting Steven Curtis Chapman. Considering it was a disposable camera, it turned out ok!

weekend trip (originally posted on November 5th, 2007)

Hello~ it has been a long time since I got a chance to come on to my blog. We were away all weekend.

Thursday morning we left to head to Ohio to meet some friends. We stayed with them overnight~ and had a really good time~ here are a few pictures that we got there:
This one is of me, holding there youngest~ he will be one in the middle of November:

Here is one of me reading stories to their oldest daughter and son:

Here is one of the whole gang of us kids~ 9 of us! Boy was that hard to get a good picture~ they just kept taking until they got a good one!

We had a really good time at our friends house, but we had to leave the next morning~ so we could head to Kentucky~ to meet some more friends~ we were all going to meet up there, and go to the Creation Museum together the next day. There was a whole gang of us~ twenty six I think. My penpal was one of those, and I was so excited to meet her. We had a wonderful time together~ Here are some pictures!

Here is a picture of the whole gang of kids: I am in the back~ in the purple shirt.

Here are a few of me and my penpal Taylor: I didn't like this one too much, because I had " horns", so I got mom to take another one.

Here is me and Taylor ( notice that I don't have horns)

Here is one of our family outside of the Creation Museum:

Here is one of the whole group~ all twenty six of us:

We stayed at a hotel with an indoor pool~ so we got to swim~ We had cannonball contests ( I am not very good, LOL), and just had fun splashing each other.

My family had already met some of the people that came along, and I had some pictures of them on my blog before, so if they look familier~ that is why! But most of them we hadn't met before.

Well~ that is all that I really have to say, today, was just another school day~ it was kind of hard to get back into it, since I had been gone for a few days!

God Bless,

Pictures (originally posted on October 23rd, 2007)

Yesterday I told you that I had some more pictures to post~ well, I uploaded them this afternoon, so I could put them on.

Here is one of Charity's youngest daughter and Ian~

Here is one of Charity's oldest daughter and Ian~

Here is one of Charity's son~ on Ian's toy car type thing~ Funny huh???!!!!

Hope that everyone is having a good week!

Two More (originally posted on September 23rd, 2007)

I have only one from Friday, but I took one of my best friend, Hannah and me~
Here is the one of Phoenix ( Crystal's son), me, and Megan:

Here is one of Hannah and me:

There you go guys!

More...(Originally posted on September 23rd, 2007)

Hey~ I thought that since it was Sunday, i should probably show you the pictures we took on Wednesday!
Here is a picture of Jessie ( Crystal's daughter) and Gracie:

Here is one of the four girls~ From left to right is~ me, Ansley, Megan and Elle:

Here is one of all of us kids~ In the back is:
Phoenix, Elle, Alex holding Avarie, Sawyer and Isaiah
Megan in the middle
In the front
Ansley, me holding Ian, Jessie, Madi, and Gracie in the way front

Here is one of Dad and Gracie:

Here is one of Gracie, Ian and me~ in front of the Liberty Bell:

Well~ I need to go and upload some more pictures so I can show you more!