Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dining With Joy by Rachel Hauck

About the Book:
When her dad dies, Joy Ballard takes over his popular cooking show. She is pretty, personable, and great on camera, but she can’t cook. Joy has fooled everyone by turning her show into a humor fest, a sort of America’s Funniest Home Videos: Stupid Cooking Tricks. But now she has a new producer, one who expects her to actually cook. Worse yet, this aggressive, ambitious woman is determined to take Joy’s show to one of the largest cable networks. Luke Davis is an extraordinarily talented chef, but he’s lost his fancy Manhattan restaurant and moved to a small town in South Carolina. He’s desperate to get back to the culinary art’s upper echelon, and he just may be the answer to Joy’s dilemma, not to mention her love interest. With its sparkling dialogue, witty premise, and convincing characters, and the popularity of television cooking shows, this subtly inspirational tale is sure to entertain readers.

My Thoughts:
I absolutely loved reading Rachel Hauck's books Sweet Caroline and Love Starts With Elle (so if you haven't read them, check them out. If this was a review about them, I would definitely rant and rave about them because they're amazing. But since it's not, you better just go and buy them and take my word for it!).
But this review is about Dining With Joy. I bought this book for my Kindle, because I wanted something that to read. I had a ton of books that I could've been reading, but this one popped out at me when I was on and I could NOT say no to it.
From the first page, the book drew me in and wouldn't let me stop reading. I read the whole thing in two days. The characters were intriguing, and the story line was deep, and amazing. I don't regret buying the book at all. (Rachel Hauck should be happy - I NEVER, EVER buy books. Ever. Mom usually gets books to review, or I get them free on Kindle.)
I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good Christian romance book.
I also recommend any books by this author. She is amazing.
As a writer, I love to read books that are well-written because they inspire me to become a better writer.
Rachel Hauck's books do this to me.

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Rachel Hauck said...

Hey Ashley, thank you soooo much! You made my day! I appreciate you buying the book! ;) Seriously. And for sharing your true thoughts.

Keep writing! I was journaling at your age in hopes of being a writer. It made all the difference. So you're doing well to learn about writing and the craft now.