Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blog Planner Review: The Flourishing Abode

A few months ago, I got the opportunity to become a part of the Homeschool Mosaic Review Team! I have never been a part of a review team before, but I have always liked giving my honest opinions on things, so I thought this would be a great way to do it!

My first review was to be of a blog planner. Now, I'm going to be honest with you all. I am not much of a blog planner. I'm more of fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants blogger. I like to blog about what I want, when I want.

So I knew that I needed to pick something simple that didn't have a lot of details.

That's why I picked The Flourishing Abode Planner.

What I liked about this specific planner is it's set up for a week at a time.

I wrote down the posts I wanted to do each day so that I could look at it for further reference. This was a simple set-up for me, and easy to follow. 

 There are also places to write in future post ideas, where you want to promote your blog posts, pictures to be made, and a place for extra little notes that you may need to remember throughout the week. I thought it was set up very nicely and had plenty of room for everything that you need to do!

I really enjoyed working with this planner, and tried to plan a week of blogging by using it. But to be honest, I probably won't use it again. If I have a blog post coming up that I have to post, I'll probably put it right on my regular calendar to remind me since I look at that more than I would ever look at a piece of paper.

But this WAS a nice 1-page, easy to follow planner that I would suggest if you wanted something simple!

Oh! And the best part? This is free! :D

Find out more about this planner here: The Flourishing Abode Planner.


Heidi said...

Great review, Ashley! I appreciate your honest thoughts!

Proverbs 22:6 Academy said...

Excellent review, Ashley. Love how up-front you were about whether or not you would use a blog planner again. Having too many places to record things is not always the best option. Thanks for sharing your opinions.

Nickida said...

I've been reading and I think I really need to give this one a try.

Peggy Dalley said...

Great Review. I'm the same way - I like to blog about what I want to blog about because I'm so busy most of the time. I do like the simplicity of this planner.

momma24 said...

great review!