Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We Choose Virtues Review + Coupon Codes!

When I first heard that we were going to be receiving the We Choose Virtues Flash Cards, I didn't really know what I was getting! I hadn't even  heard of We Choose Virtues, but I am always up for a new challenge - and to learn something new with new products that I've never seen before.

I currently "nanny" for my cousin's 4 kids. 3 of which these flash cards work for! I was excited to sit down and work with them to learn the different virtues that are given.

The virtues include: Obedient, Kind, Patient, Helpful, Gentle, Diligent, Self-Controlled, Forgiving, Attentive, Perseverant and Content.

To be completely honest, a lot of these words and concepts were just too big for the girls I watch to understand. They are 5, 5, and 3.

So I stuck to the 3 that I thought were the best for them. Those were Obedient, Kind, and Helpful. I worked with them on those for quite some time, and they seemed to really begin to understand - and love - the concepts of some of these virtues! You can buy these flash cards in KJV, NIV or any secular version. I have NIV, which I also think helped them understand a little better since they are so young.

(They messed up a little bit...but it's still pretty darn cute!)
They seemed to really love Obedient. I think that it helped that this one's "catchphrase" rhymed and was easy for them to remember. (I took them upstairs for their naps this afternoon after we had just finished working on this one, and they were still saying it over and over. I'd say that's a good review if I've ever heard one!)

Once they have finished learning these 3 better, we'll move onto some of the harder concepts to grasp. But they really seemed to enjoy working on these cards and learning new things. 

I also incorporated a "game". I held up a card and they told me what the word was, then the "catchphrase" on the back. They REALLY liked that, as I gave them points for every one that they got right! 

Although I ONLY used the flashcards, Heather from We Choose Virtues also included the following for me to use (I plan to use them with the girls as we get more in depth into what we're learning...they're still trying to grasp some of it): Kids of Virtue Coloring pages, Family Character Assesment, Memory Verses, Bible Heroes and Truths, Teacher's Handbook, a product comparison chart, and a Butterfly Award that you can give to your student when they've "mastered" the virtues.

I have enjoyed working with these virtues, and so have the three kids that I watch!

I also wanted to include Heather's Top 3:
We Choose Virtues Flash Cards: $14.99
Virtue Clues: $5.50
3 Rules Poster: $6.00

I think that this product is something that ANY homeschool family could use. You can add it into your school day in a snap, and it's easy to learn and remember!

Oh, and not to mention! I have coupon codes for you, my readers! These are for YOU to use for your set of Virtue Flash Cards, or anything else that you may want to purchase at the We Choose Virtues Store.

HOME20 is good for the months of March and April and can be used toward the purchase of a HomeschoolKit only. This, of course, gives you 20% off your purchase.
VIRTUE15 is good anytime for the purchase of anything in the We Choose Virtues store! There's some sales in their store right now, too, so now is a good time to go over and use the coupon code to get even more of a deal!

I thank Heather, and We Choose Virtues, for sending me all these great products that I'm sure that I will use in the future!


Anonymous said...

The phrase for obey has definitely stuck around here too.I love that you are making sure they really get those 1st three before moving on.Great review!

Raquel Dunn said...

I really like you blog layout! And great review!!! I didn't think of adding the top picks! I wrote those down while listening to the call but didn't put that in. Good idea for another time!

Mrs. Stephens said...

We are sticking to the first three as well. My kids are younger and we are working on the base foundation and then we'll layer it from there.

Heidi said...

Great review, Ashley. I appreciated the video of the girls quoting the phrase about obedience. You should have had these cards months ago!

Crystal said...

Great review! I loved the video. I'm also making sure my son has a good grasp of one before moving to another.

Michele said...

Great Review Ashley! I loved the video!