Saturday, March 27, 2010

Childhood and Teen Crushes

My mom did a 'thing' over on her blog, talking about her early childhood and teen crushes, who happened to just be famous people.

I thought that it sounded like a ton of fun - so I thought that I would come over and do it on my blog, as well.

I can't remember my first TV crush from when I was little - to be truthful, it was so long ago - that my brain doesn't even want to go back that far.

1. I think that my first BIG TV/Music crush, came when I was about 13. I can remember that it was in September of 2007 that I started to like this band. Nick Jonas was definitely my first big TV/Music crush. I remember that this is one of the first pictures I had ever seen of him - and I thought that he was incredibly cute. (Now, well, not so much! :P)
2. Not long after I started liking Nick Jonas, I stopped thinking he was the cutest in that band. Yeah, I'm not crazy. I started 'crushing' on Kevin Jonas. Again, I don't think that he is that cute anymore. :P
Is it sad that they are the only two that I can really think of that I had MASSIVE crushes on?! I am pathetic, aren't I?

Funny, that neither of those guys, are even cute to me anymore. :P Especially now, that Kevin Jonas is married. Haha.

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TOSHeidi said...

Oh, I'm so glad that's a chapter in your life that is behind us!