Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stellar Kart concert

So on Sunday evening, Mom and I headed to Mechanicsburg, PA, to a Stellar Kart concert. We left early, to go out for supper and then to the mall for a little while, then headed to the church where the concert was going to be at.
We were there super early, and ended up being the second people in line to wait to get in, and ended up getting good seats:

The first two bands, Same as Sunday and 7eventh Time Down were really not my favorite bands in the world, and while they were playing, Jordan and Brian from Stellar Kart were standing in the back of the church, running sound:

During 7eventh Time Down was playing, I headed to the back of the church, to ask if I could get pictures with them, but right when I got back there, Jordan walked out of the sanctuary, so I only got to meet Brian.

(I am wearing a Stellar Kart T-Shirt in that photo, but I zoomed it in.)

Then Stellar Kart went up on stage to set up their stuff.
Jon getting ready to play:

Jordan waiting to play his drums! (He is definitely the crazy drummer that my friend and I dubbed him as!)

And here are some random pictures from them playing:

Then, after the concert, we stuck around, to meet Stellar Kart, get them to sign my shirt, and get a picture with them.

With Stellar Kart:



Heidi said...

Looking back, that really was a fun time, huh? Those first two bands, though - they left a bad taste in my mouth. :)

Samantha said...

Looks like you had a blast :) Love the pictures :)


Kylie said...

This post makes me happpppyyyy!