Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random Pictures Post

Hello everyone.

We're just about finished with school for the year. I am finished with everything, except my research paper. I'm an avid writer, but when it comes to writing a paper like this one - I am intimidated. I write thousands of words in my stories I'm writing with my friend, Kylie, in just a day, but when it comes to doing a research paper, I never know what to do.
Lame, I know.


Lately, I've come to love photo editing. It's so much fun! I know that a lot of you see these pictures on my facebook, but I'm going to repost some of them on here, for those of you who aren't my facebook friends.

But before I post them, I have to share this picture that my friend drew of me. She is amazing! :D

Now for the edited pictures.
I listen to a ton of Christian rock, pop, hip-hop music. So I love to take pictures of bands and add lyrics to the pictures. :D

What Faith Can Do by Kutless

Fm Static (above)

I am going to see Stellar Kart in concert on Sunday. I am so excited! :D They are definitely one of my favorite Christian bands. :D

Hawk Nelson (above)

With Jon Micah Sumrall of Kutless.

I'll be sure to post again here, pretty soon. I am going to the Stellar Kart concert, so I'll probably post pictures from that.

We are also going to FL in a couple of weeks, so that'll give me something to post about, also!


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Mandie said...

Love all the bands and songs!!! You did good editing them! :)