Thursday, August 19, 2010

oh man!

I've missed blogging. It's been so long since I've blogged and feel somewhat weird not posting on a blog. I've been a blogger for over three years, but I guess not a very good one, since I can't seem to post consistently. Guess it has something to do with the fact that most of my friends and I communicate through facebook and don't have to worry about comments back and forth like we used to. Oh, well.

A lot has gone on since my last post in May. Wow - that was so long ago. It seems like FOREVER since I went to my Stellar Kart concert and go to meet those really awesome guys.

I went to my one of my great friend, Natalie's house in July and spent a week with her at her house - about 5 hours from my house. It was an amazing time and I got to see some of my awesome friends! :) It, too, seems like a really long time ago, although, it was only a month ago. The week didn't feel like long enough together, but I'll be seeing her again for a weekend in October.

That's a picture of Natalie, Sam and me, on July 18th, 2010.

We started school back up after some of the summer off. I didn't even post since we took off school, and look at this, we started back! Ha. I am a junior this year. :) I am doing Consumer Math (Abeka), Marine Biology, All American History (I think!), Total Language Plus (I love this stuff!), Government, Greek (YAY!).

This fall there's a lot going on. In September, I'm going (with part of my family) to Williamsburg, VA, for the Homeschool Days there.
In October, for a weekend, back to NY, with mom. I'll be staying with Natalie, while she goes to Women of Faith with a friend of her's.
In November, I'm going to spend a week with my friend KYLIE! YAY! I have never met her and it'll be the first time I'll ever have to fly on a plane. A four hour plane ride. I can do this, yes, I can! Ha. I hope. I will be traveling by myself, so that's the only scary part.
Also in November, I'm going with a friend of my mom's, down to South Carolina for a couple of day, to help at the distribution center for Operation Christmas Child.

I'm gonna sign off here - but I'll be sure to try to get back to post again. (Don't hold me to it - I don't know if I can get back into this or not!)


Tarissa said...

ACK!! You've never met Kylie!? I mean, well... I've never met a blogger friend myself... but you girls are always talking about each other, so I somehow figured you had met! It just makes your online friendship seem so much more....WOW!

So... going by plane... alone. That sounds like an adventure within itself. Hope you have TONS OF FUN!

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