Friday, December 30, 2011

Well Hello, Do You All Remember Me?

Decided to put a funny picture to start out my post, because everyone needs to have a little giggle at something every day, right?

Of course they do.

I've been so busy that I barely have time for my writing, let alone do I have time to get online and write a blog post! I used to have a phone call with my best friend every day, but now we rarely ever talk on the phone anymore. Does that make me a bad best friend? LOL, I sure hope not.

Busy, busy times. But ya know, isn't that just life? Especially as I get older. Well, whatever.

Christmas was really good! We had a great time. On Christmas Eve, we went to my grandparents house for the day, to spend time with my uncles, aunts, and cousins. There were (with my brother) 6 little boys under the age of 7. It was surely interesting. Not gonna lie.

It was quite an experience, but a good one! It was nice to have us all together now that my uncle and aunt got home with my baby cousin, Grant, from Korea!

Then on Christmas Eve evening, we opened all our gifts. That's not normal for us, usually we open Christmas day. But because this year Christmas was on a Sunday, we knew we'd be going to church, and wouldn't want to get up super early for gifts.

Christmas day we got up and went to church - we had a nice church service full of special music and a great message by our pastor. After that, we came home and had my grandparents over for stromboli~ our Christmas day meal tradition.

As for New Years Eve, I'm not sure exactly what we're doing yet! I don't have any plans! I'll probably be ringing in the new year here are home!

Wish you all a very Happy New Year!


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