Saturday, January 7, 2012


Sometimes life can sure take you for a loop. I guess that's one thing about life - you never know what's going to happen next, or whether or not you'll have the life you had the day before.

Today, my mom woke up just fine, being her normal self. Then all of a sudden, she told me that she couldn't remember things that had been happening in the past week and a half - she didn't remember quitting her job, or taking some tests for her new job as a Disney travel agent. I wasn't sure what was wrong - so I called Dad upstairs to their room, where Mom was laying down.

Dad called my grandparents over - my grandma is a nurse, and they eventually ended up taking her to the hospital forty-five minutes away from our house. Mom has been under a lot of stress lately, and so we're thinking that it might be related to that.

Please be in prayers for her. My mom is my best friend. If this wasn't her, she'd be the one that I was talking to about what was going on.

Right now, she's at the hospital. My grandpa called and said that they had taken her back to a room, but they haven't heard anything since then.

I turned on Christian music, and am letting that soothe me while I'm praying for and thinking of my mom. One song came up, though, that seriously made me stop in my tracks, and I think that it was played just for me.



Kelly said...

I'll pray for her. There was a time when i was WAY too stressed when i couldn't remember things: simple things. It was scary, but I eventually got over it. It wasn't as bad as your mom, but it was scary none-the-less.

Heidi said...

I love you Ashley - you are my best friend too. Thanks for being so special. :)