Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baby Names - Just Because

My dear friend Ashley posted a link on Facebook to a girl's blog that was bored so she posted a list of her favorite baby names. I've been thinking a lot about this lately. I usually blame it on my being an author and thinking up awesome names because of that, but I've been asking lots of questions about family names and stuff for later reference and for when I have kids.

When I'm older and married and have kids - just so you all know. :P

I want my kids to have old-fashioned names that I'll bring back. So, without further ado, I give you my list of favorite baby names.

Hazel Julia
This is my all-time favorite name for a girl right now. My grandpa's mom was Hazel and I never got to meet her. My grandma's mom was Julia. I think the two of those names together would mean a lot to not only a child but also my family and me.
The great thing about this name is that just a few years ago, I would've cringed if someone mentioned naming a daughter this. It's just so old fashioned.
This is a name that unlike a lot of the ones I love, I wouldn't use for a story character because I want to use it for one of my children someday.

Hattie Jo
Hattie is also a family name. If I remember this right, Hattie was my great-grandpa's cousin but she actually raised him. But don't hold me to that. Either way, I love the name Hattie. Jo is my mom's middle name.

William Lee
William is my great-grandpa's first name, my grandpa's middle name and my little brother's middle name. I also have an uncle with this name as well. So it's definitely a family name. Although, I didn't really start liking this name until I read the Love Comes Softly Series by Janette Oke and loved the Willie character. Now I don't like the name Willie, but love the name Will.

Lucy Louise
Truthfully, I'm not 100% sure who Lucy was, but I know that it's in my family somewhere. Mom would know. And Louise is my grandma's middle name. I think this would be so cute because then she could be LuLu or LouLou. Or LuLou.

Other names I love but didn't make my top list:

So there ya have it. Ashley's favorite baby names.

Wanna share yours? Do it and leave a comment with the link!



Briana said...

Ashley and I used to do this all the time...we'd update our lists every year or two. They're fun to look at now, and see how they've changed!
My favorite girls names right now:
Abby or Addy
Cassandra (with the ah sound, not the short a)

Fav boys name:

I have always had a hard time coming up with boys names that I like! : )

Tarissa said...

Oh, the names you have come up with are just lovely! I especially like Hattie Jo.

Here's some of my favorite girls' names:
Skye (just like the 1st commenter! :)
Cosette Rose
Hadley Mae
Amber Louise
Mariletta Anne

And favorite boys' names:
Norris Lee
Wilbur Fabian

This was a fun post, Ashley!