Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012 is over....whatttt?

Okay really, 2012, where in the world did you go? This past year has been lots of up and downs, lots of fun & excitement, and just lots of awesomeness!

So...let's recap 2012 why don't we? :D

 To start off the new year, my mom had temporary amnesia and couldn't remember a lot of things. The stress in her life was overwhelming at that point, and she just kind-of forgot - pushed it out of her mind. It was a scary point, as we were not sure what was wrong.
Mom was all better (except for a few days she still does not remember) in time for my family to go down toFL for a trip to Disney World. We, like always, had an awesome time & it was a nice time for our family! We love Disney World in January - the crowds are minimal, you can walk onto rides without too much problem, and it's not too hot!

This is me and my siblings ready for a night at the Hoop-De-Doo! Our whole family dressed in plaid that night! :D
Favorite Facebook Status from January:  "I think the part of my brain that makes the store list didn't come back."- Mom

Ew, Februarys are kinda blah in PA. It's cold, snowy and icky! Especially when you just spent a week in warm FL! :D
But a good thing happened in February anyways! I got my first car! We drove about an hour away from my house to purchase it! It's a 2008 Toyota Yaris Hatchback. It had 32,777 miles on it when I got it in February. (It now has 42,200 on it!)
His name is Flynn. :D
 Oh! Also in February, I finished up my last day of school - on Leap Year Day! I will never forget that. I was a homeschool graduate on February 29th, 2012. 
Favorite Facebook Status from February: "Fun Friday night hanging with my aunt & uncle. We are going to play a game called Fact or Crap. I'll let you know how it goes!"

Not much happened in March!
Mom had her birthday.
My friend, Nicky and I went to the Casting Crowns Concert at the end of the month and had an awesome time! Matthew West was the special guest and it was an awesome time!
Favorite Facebook Status from March: "I just spelled my name wrong. That's taking spelling mistakes to a whole new level."

Wow, so not a lot went on in April!
Ian had his 6th birthday. I don't know where the time went, and why he won't stop growing so fast! I wish that I could shrink him just for a few days...
I also finished my story A World Without Sound & ordered two proof copies in April! I haven't down a thing with the story since, and I really wish that I would.

I need to get back into writing this! :D
Favorite Facebook Status from April: "Me: I made fajitas." Friend: "Like lime ones or..." Me: "Uh, I made fajitas." 

We went to see Tim Hawkins in May! He's so awesome to see live, and so hilarious!

Favorite Facebook Status in May: "Me: That school is really weird." Ian: "Yeah, weird like you. But you're kinda cute."

Like almost every June, my family made a trip to our favorite (and only!) beach, Ocean City, New Jersey. We have been going there almost every year since my mom had me in her belly! :p I love it there and don't know that I could go to any other beach!
Favorite Facebook Status from June: "Me: Mom, is the shoulder a joint?" Mom: "I don't know, I can't tell." Me: "Huh?" Mom: "That made no sense.""

Oh, July! It makes up for April & May! I did so much stuff that was fun in July!
First off, I went to Washington DC for the first time ever! My cousin and his wife live there and invited me down for a long weekend to see everything! I had an awesome time hanging out with relatives I haven't seen in a while, walking around DC and seeing a lot of cool things!! :D

Then also in July, one of my best friends came to visit me for a whole week! It was awesome to see her and get to spend some good quality time with her! We did some PA sight-seeing and had a great time!
I also found my kitten, Emmitt in July!
Favorite Facebook Status in July: "Andy (my cousin): We shouldn't call people ugly. But yeah, he's ugly as sin."

Nothing much went on in August. It was my last month before I started working full time. We were also getting ready for our second trip to Disney in 2012. :)
Favorite Facebook Status in August: "Dear Nose, please do not sneeze when I am putting mascara on. Sincerely, I look like a raccoon."

Good ol' September. A lot happened this month too.
In the beginning of September, Mom, Gracie, Ian and I went to Disney World for a 5 days! We had an awesome time. We actually flew down for the first time instead of taking the 18 hour drive. I'm old-fashioned, but I prefer driving down more than flying. Oh well!

Just a few days after getting home, I started nanny-ing 3 days a week for my cousin who has four kids! It's quite a challenge, and they keep me on my toes, but it's still lots of fun!
Favorite Facebook Status from September: "Mom: Gracie, what're you doing?" Gracie" Nothing devious."

Not a lot happened in October. I started getting in the grind of working with the kiddos, and it became lots more fun! I also did a couple of photoshoots with them!
Favorite Facebook Status in October: "Today it's 10/11/12, to celebrate I'm drinking coffee. Oh wait, I do that everyday."

In November, I had my 19th birthday. :) 19 is kinda a weird age. It's not 18, it's not 20. I firmly believe there should really be no number 19. It's just awkward. To celebrate, the kiddos and I made cookie-brownies!
Favorite Facebook Status from November: "I need a six month vacation. Twice a year."

Mostly, it was get-togethers in December! Christmas get-togethers are tons of fun and it's good to see family you only see on holidays!
 This is me and my cousins, Katie and Emily. (Emily is on the right, Katie on the left. Em actually live in England - lucky duck- so we haven't seen her since last December!)
Me & Zeke hanging out at Christmas. (He's one of the cousins that I "nanny" and my little buddy!)
 All the boy cousins on my mom's side: Ian, Avery, Alex, Anson, Anderson, and Grant!
Me and my grandparents on Christmas Eve. :D
Favorite Facebook Status in December: "Your face is good. Flirting win."

So 2012 has held lots of great things for me! I've had some great times, for sure! I can't wait to see what God has planned for me in 2013!


Tarissa said...

Aw! This was an awesome post to wrap up 2012. I don't really think I knew that you had your own car?? (so cool!)
And uh... happy new year!

Heidi said...

What a fun year-in-review post. I love that you shared your favorite FB statuses from each month. I have no clue how you found them!

benbidder said...

Saying hey! Making the rounds from MR! :) Have a great weekend! :) This looks like a fantastic year!! So fun!