Monday, January 28, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

My brother (age 6), the twins, Emma & Elena (age 5), and Eliza (age 3).
I have been nannying my cousin's 4 kids since September, and I have had a brother for 6 years and a sister for 12. So...I hear a lot of crazy & funny things come out of their mouths.
Thought I'd share some.

Me: Yeah, you're right!
Eliza (age 3): I'm a smart cookie!

Elena: (age 5): A wife is a lady.

 Mom: You are nuts.
Ian (age 5 at the time!): No, I am cute!
Mom: No, you're nuts.
Ian: No, I am cute!
Me: No, you're weird.
Ian: NO! I am cute.
Mom: He has a point...he is cute!

Ian (age 5 at the time): Hey Ashy, you made your balloon bigger than mine. Wanna trade?

Me: This was a weird school year.
Ian (age 6): Yeah! Weird like you...but you're kinda cute.

Gracie (age 11 at the time): They're long and skinny, but also kind-of stubby.
Me: Umm, how can they be long and stubby?
Gracie: Well, they're mostly long, but a little stubby.

Ian: (age 6): I'm cooling my armpits.
Me: WHAT?!
Ian: I'm cooling my ARMPITS!

Gracie (age 12): You know what's weird?
Me: What?
Gracie: Mom thinks Yoda is cute. Or as Yoda would say, "Cute is Yoda, mother thinks."

Mom: Why are you stirring up trouble?
Ian: Because it's fun!

Mom: Gracie, what are you doing?
Gracie: Nothing devious.

Ian: I'm so tired I could eat a donut!

Emma (age 5): He did something bad! Arrust him!
Eliza & Elena (age 3&5): Yes! Arrust him, arrust him!!

Eliza (age 3): Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posies, Ashleys Ashleys, we all fall down.

Eliza (age 3): Ashley, did you know that ketchup comes from apples?

Me: Whoever threw that stuff on the floor has to pick it up.
Emma (age 5): I SURELY didn't! 

And there you go! I'm sure that I'll need to do another post like this again soon because you just never know what will pop out of kids mouths!

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