Friday, November 5, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 26

Day 26: A Picture of Your Family

Above: My family when I was 1. I had such red hair. I kinda miss it!

Above: My family at Disney World for the first time - together - when I was 5.

Above: A picture of the family right after Gracie came. I was probably 7 here.

Above: My whole family with Steven Curtis Chapman. **Cool, eh?**

Above: My mom, sister and me in Williamsburg in 2009.

Above: My mom and me at the Stellar Kart concert

My dad and me this summer

Mom, Ian, Gracie and me at the National Civil War Museum

My whole family with Mickey and Minnie at Disney World. - This is like the most recent picture of my whole family. :)


Kit said...

You have an awesome looking family!!!!!!

Xle said...

I love your family! And I love your red hair. (Just like mine)