Monday, October 31, 2011


So last year when NaNo came around, I had a small plot and some ideas, but nothing really set in stone. I kind-of failed. Pretty badly.
It could also be because Novembers are really busy with my birthday, Thanksgiving and stuff like that.

But no excuses this year! I plan to beat my record and get more than 30K this year! I know that I can do it - I just have to set my mind to it.
So a couple of months ago, I had a dream, and that's where my plot is coming from. I don't want to go into details, but maybe as I'm writing, I'll try to let you know that's going on in my plot and how well I'm doing. :)
As for right now, I have the story plotted out and put into a chapter summary. I also have my character sketches. Right now I'm trying to work on familiarize myself with the characters and their differences.
That right there might be the hardest part. I can easily write a character sketch, but trying to make every character different is something that's difficult for me.

If I do write the 50K book in November, it will be the second book that I've finished with more than 50K in it. And the first one was not really...good, I guess. I don't even know how I wrote 50,000 in it - because it's like...bad.
Okay, okay, the plot is good enough. But the story itself is just bad.
So I'm shooting for something better this time around.

Wish me luck!

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