Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another Busy Couple of Weeks

It seems that no matter what, we’ve been having busy weeks. It’s crazy. I used to wish that I would be busy. I was jealous of the people who had something to do every day of the week. Now that it’s my life – I would like to have my boring, doing nothing life back. LOL

Last Friday, my family went to see Dolphin Tale in the theaters. The movie was awesome! It was definitely a great family movie, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants a decent movie for the entire family.

Friday evening and Saturday we had a wedding rehearsal & wedding for friends of ours. It was a great ceremony and it was beautiful.

Then we just had a lot of random things to do throughout the week – music lessons and I worked on Thursday. I’ve only been working once a week because of school, and trying to get everything done it getting harder and harder. But I like to work, and it’s great experience.

Yesterday, Mom and I went shopping to get me some clothes for my senior pictures that I’m going to be getting taken sometime this month. I got some awesome tops, a couple of sweaters and a pair of boots that I have been eying up for about a month. (Actually, I found them at one Wal-Mart and could never find them again. But I found them yesterday, and was really excited! LOL)


Next week is really busy too, with music lessons, work and I leave for a friends’ house next Friday. I can’t wait to be there for a week and able to get away from my busy life for a little while!


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