Thursday, May 16, 2013

Did you ever wish you could take your Bible underwater?

...or to the beach? Or on a camping trip? But were afraid that it would get wet and then it'd be ruined for good?

Well! Don't worry about that anymore, because I have JUST the thing for you! And it's called The Waterproof Bible!

I got the Waterproof Bible to review thanks to the Mosaics Review Team, and was THRILLED with it when it came in the mail!

I received The New Testament/Psalms and Proverbs Bible in the New Living Translation! It's pink, too, which is a bonus for me! I think it's super duper cute, and it's very light and easy to carry around.

And guess what? It works! I put the WHOLE Bible into some water in my sink, and it's completely fine! It dried off really quickly, and the pages and cover look exactly like they did before I ever got it wet!

Completely under water!

Under water
Right after coming out of the water.

Tiny little drops of water that dried off quickly!

These Bibles rock! I love it! I can't wait to take it with me on my vacations to the beach and know that I can bring it with me to the sand and not worry about it getting wet and ruined! This is definitely a great buy!

The Bible that I received was just the New Testament, as well as Psalms and Proverbs in the New Living Translation. The full Bible in also available (I actually saw one of the FULL Bibles at my local homeschool convention and it looked awesome).
The other translations available are ESV, KJV, NIV, and NKJV.
Find out all the different versions that you can buy here.

The prices for these Bibles vary from $24.95 (New Testament/Psalms and Proverbs) to $44.95 (full Bible).

Now comes the REAL question. Do I think that it's worth the money to buy this Bible?

YES! I think that everyone should have one of these! They are practical and so much fun! Your kids - and maybe even YOU - will love to put them under water and see all the cool stuff that you can do with them!

Now, go to the website and buy this for yourself. And your kids. And your parents. And your aunts and uncles and friends. Everyone needs one of these Bibles.

I think that I may just have to go and buy myself a full Bible so that I have it! :) There are so many to choose from, how can I pick?


My Own Sense and Sensibility said...

Great review. I am so proud of you Ashley. We love Waterproof Bible too.

Heidi said...

Great review, Ashley. And you're right - everyone needs one of these Bibles. ;)