Thursday, May 9, 2013

Teach Those Kiddos How to Read!

Another great opportunity that I have had with Mosaics Review Team is to review Ooka Island Adventure!

Ooka Island is a computer game for your children ages 3-7 to help them learn how to read while having fun doing it! You can download it right from the internet to your Mac or PC, or you can buy a disk and get it in the mail so that you have the physical copy for whatever computers you need it on!

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Quite honestly, I had never heard of Ooka Island before I received my disk in the mail! I was excited to try it out with my three year old cousin, Eliza,  who is very smart and wants to learn how to read and write at such a young age.

Eliza had SO much fun playing Ooka Island. She played a lot of the games on Ooka Island and was sounding out letters and words that she hadn't ever learned before!

There are 3 different editions of Ooka Island - the Home Edition, the School Edition, and the Homeschool Edition. You can read about their differences on the main page of the Ooka Island website. The Home and Homeschool Editions are the same, but the School Edition is different since it's more set up for teachers and their many students! :)


Home & Homeschool Editions of Ooka Island cost $12.95 per month for 1 child; $19.95 per month for up to 4 children. You can also purchase for a year which costs $124.95 for 1 child; or $149.95 for up to 4 children.
For the School Edition, you can go on their website and request a quote here.


Did my three-year old cousin like this? Yes, she did. She seemed to really enjoy playing on the computer and learning at the same time.
Do I think this is a FUN way for children to learn to read and comprehend letters and sound? Yes, I really do. It's a great way for them to think they're having fun, but also learn at the same time! I know that I would've enjoyed this as a child.
Do I think it's worth the money? Well, that's a hard one. Not being a parent myself, my first instinct is No way, Jose. I can't imagine spending that kind-of money to help my child learn to read. But I think that if you have a reluctant reader - a child that doesn't want to sit down and actually read a book with you or learn from you - then YES, this is going to be worth your money and you'll be incredibly surprised with the progress your child makes while using this program.

To read more about Ooka Island, head over to their website and figure out if their program is right for you! Take a video tour, and see what Ooka Island is all about, and how it might work in your homeschool, or your classroom setting!

Also, read the testimonials that other parents and teachers posted about the reasons they love Ooka Island, and how it worked for them! It might just make you realize that it will work for your children, too!

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