Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Family Memories...

One of the opportunities I've gotten with the Mosaics Review Team was to review the app for Saving Memories Forever.

I had never heard of Saving Memories Forever, so I was going into this blindly - without knowing all that much about it.

What I learned from the website and from the app that I downloaded for my iPod touch is that you use the app to record special things; ie - your family members telling you stories about their childhood, etc.

I love to hear my family tell stories about their childhood and what went on in different times in history, and I always think "I should write that down so that I don't forget that", but I never do because...well, writing things down takes a lot of time and energy, and who wants to have to do that anyway?

So I think that the idea of the app/website is really cool. You have to register on the website and get your account set up - it's free! - and then download the app to your Apple Product or your Android. The app is also free - so this is a completely free way to record your family's memories.

Once you're done recording your family's memories, you can click the "Upload" button on the app and then it will upload to your account on the Saving Memories Forever website. That way, you are always sure to have the memories and hopefully will never lose them. :)

There is also a Premium Membership which costs $3.99 a month. This particular account gives you some extra options. Here are some of the differences between the free and premium accounts:

Here's a video of people who LOVE this app:

Now comes the question that I have been trying to answer since I first downloaded the app: Would I use this? 

And to be honest, the answer is no, I probably will never use this app. It's not that I don't like the idea of it, or that I feel there's anything wrong with it. I think that Saving Memories Forever is GREAT for some people. But for me, it just doesn't work. If I'm going to sit with my iPod to record someone telling me something, I'll use the Voice Memo app that came with my iPod - it's easier to find and you can upload those right to your computer too.

But PLEASE check into this a little more yourself! You may find yourself loving the app and website, and think that I'm crazy for not using it! If you DO start using the app, let me know - I want to hear if you liked it or not!

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Proverbs 22:6 Academy said...

Great, honest review, Ashley. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.