Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beautiful Mess by Diamond Rio

I just got finished reading this book- and even though I myself, didn't get it to review, I decided that I would review it as well.

I kinda grew up on Diamond Rio music- well, all country music. But my mom was (and still is) a fan of Diamond Rio- so we have some of their CDs, and I've listened to a lot of their music growing up.
I still, to this day, love the old hits like, "Meet in the Middle", "Mirror, Mirror", and "Bubba Hyde."
I also love some of the newer ones, like "I Believe", and "In God We Still Trust" (which happens to be the name of my blog).

This book- it took me a while to read, probably because I go through these fazes, where either I write, or I read- and when I started this book, I was in a writing mode! :P
But I loved learning about all their lives- and how they have grown as a band- and as Christians.
They talk about their faith- and now, they are moving from the country genre, to the Christian Contemporary genre. Their first Christian CD- The Reason- came out in September. I haven't purchased it yet- I know that we will soon.
I loved looking at the old pictures that were in the books- from when all the band members were kids, and growing up, and since they were a band. It was really neat to see what they looked like when they were younger- and how different (or the same) they look now! :)
Diamond Rio has been together for 20 years now- since the newest member joined the band.
All in all, I LOVED the book. It was a great read- and I would recommend it to anyone- but I think that Diamond Rio fans would enjoy it more than people who aren't fans of them, or never heard their music. Parts of the book could be confusing if you've never heard their music. :)

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