Monday, January 11, 2010

I can't seem to...

... be consistent about posting. I thought that moving over to blogspot would make me want to post more, but apparently, I was wrong.
I guess that nothing much interesting has happened lately. I've been doing a lot of writing, both for myself, and for Kids of Faith, and Beautiful in Christ. That has kept me busy.
Reading hasn't been something that I've been doing as much lately. Usually, I go in this phases, where I'll write a lot, and never read, or that I'll read a lot and never write. It's like I don't have time for one of them, when I'm doing a lot of the other.

School has been going well since I started back up after the holidays, but I really don't like math. I never have really liked math - probably since around 4th grade, but I really don't like it this year. I'm doing accounting this year, and I really am not enjoying it. I thought that it would be something simple to take before I take geometry next year, but now I wish I would've just gone onto geometry.
Accounting really isn't easy. My dad is an accountant, so that does help a little, but it's pretty difficult, as well. It's hard for me, a person who doesn't like math, at all, to really understand it. Okay, enough of that. :P

So, this week, there isn't much going on. Tomorrow, we go to the dentist- oh joy! Haha. Other than that, that's about it.

Hopefully I'll have something GOOD to post about soon!

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