Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fool's Gold by Melody Carlson

Hannah doesn't think she'll ever be able to keep up with the rich girls—but that doesn't stop her from trying. In the process, Hannah is forced to come to grips with what she values most: beauty on the inside, or beauty on the outside.

MELODY CARLSON is the best-selling author of more than one hundred books, including young adult favorites Dark Blue, Deep Green, Torch Red, Pitch Black , and Burnt Orange —the first five books in the TRUECOLORS series. She has two grown sons and enjoys an active lifestyle of hiking, skiing, and biking. Melody lives in the beautiful Oregon Cascade Mountains with her husband and Labrador retriever.

This is the sixth book in the True Colors series by Melody Carlson. I have not read the first 5- but got this book to review- and wasn't sure if I was going to be able to catch up, since I hadn't read the first 5.
But I found that all these books, are about different people. They don't have the same characters - and this book was a fun read.
It was also a quick read- I read it in a day and a half. It wasn't my favorite Melody Carlson book- but it was a pretty short book.
The girl in the story, Hannah, is a missionary-kid, and she goes to the states for the summer to spend it with family. She gets caught up in buying expensive clothes and expensive everything, because the family she is staying with is rich.
Like I said, this was not my favorite Melody Carlson book - I have read the Mixed Bags series, and in my opinion, I like them more.
But if you're into teen fiction, and are looking for a quick read, that will most likely capture your attention and make you want to finish the book - I think this is one for you.

*I have received this book free from Navpress, in exchange for my review.


Samantha said...

Thanks for the review! i've been seriously looking for more books to read :) i'll keep this one in mind ;)

Tarissa said...

Hi Ashley,
In answer to your question: I have your HSB blog in my bookmarks, so I clicked over there today. Then I discovered from your last post that you had moved to Blogspot. :)

I liked reading your book review. By the way, this last December, I read a book written by Melody Carlson. It was called 'The Christmas Dog' & I thought it was a fairly interesting book. (that's the only one I've read from that author) I might have to try another one of her books someday!

Well, I'll be checking on back on your blog soon!
~ Tarissa