Thursday, February 18, 2010

Favorite Songs

Mom recently posted some of her favorite love songs on her blog - saying her top six favorites.
Well, I'm going to post my top favorite songs - not necessarily love songs - but just my top favorite songs at the bottom.
I'm using the songs that are most listened to on my i-pod...
They are in the order that I like them...
(if you click on the titles of the songs - it'll take you to a video of the song.If you're watching the Jump Then Fall video - that's below, don't forget to pause my music player in my sidebar!)

1. Jump Then Fall by Taylor Swift

2. What Faith Can Do by Kutless
3. Gift Of a Friend by Demi Lovato
4. In God We Still Trust by Diamond Rio
5. Austin by Blake Shelton
6. Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood
7. East to West by Casting Crowns
8. Love Story by Taylor Swift

I also really like Lady Antebellum - and I found a video of them singing the National Anthem. I love the harmony they put into it. If you'd like to see it, go HERE.

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