Saturday, February 20, 2010

Never Blame the Umpire by Gene Fehler Review

About the book:
How do you trust God when tragedy strikes? Kate is having the best summer a sports-loving eleven-year-old could possibly have. Baseball. Tennis. And to top it off, Kate has just started a three-week class where she's discovering a new love: poetry. Then comes the news that tears Kate's world apart. In her close-knit family, Kate has always felt God's love and protection. But how can she trust God now? Do sports or poetry matter when tragedy strikes? In Kate's darkest hour, her mother's faith shines its brightest, helping Kate to see that life is still beautiful and God is still good. Always, no matter what.

About the Author:
Gene Fehler, an award-winning and widely published poet, is the author of ten published books and over eighteen hundred published poems, stories, and articles.

He and his wife, Polly, live in Seneca, South Carolina, where he writes, teaches, and participates in sports. Visit Gene at

My Thoughts:
This book is definitely for pre-teens, or young teens. Even though I am sixteen, I really did enjoy this book. It had a great message and I loved the story behind it.
Kate, the main character, loves to play baseball and write poems. She is getting into that more, when her Mom tells Kate that she has cancer.
Kate doesn't know how to deal with it, and wants to spend all the time she can with her mother.

This story could be hard for some people to comprehend - the death of the mother is definitely a hard thing for Kate to deal with in the story.

All in all, this story is definitely a keeper - the author was awesome - it seemed like I was really in Kate's mind, and knowing how she felt when she was doing things. It was a good plot, and I really enjoyed the book.

This book is for sale March 2010.
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*I got this book for free, courtesy of ZonderVan.