Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Randomness

So to start out the morning, I had a cup of coffee. Because if usually if I don’t have coffee, I don’t have a very good day. It just doesn’t work very well in my favor.
Interestingly enough, if you know that we’re Disney fans in this house, you’ll know why I used this particular mug. But as I was drinking out of it, I realized just how weird it would probably look to a random person just walking by or who just happened to see me drinking out of it.


So then we did school, of course. I had a couple of things I needed to get caught up on and I did just that.


When Mom came home from the post office, she brought home this:
thereyoullfindmeSMThis book hasn’t even come out yet, but Mom asked for a review copy of it, so we got it early. I can’t wait to read this and see what happens! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jenny B. Jones. I can only HOPE to be anything like her as an author someday!

Then later, Mom and I dropped Gracie off at her orchestra practice and did a little bit of shopping. Because shopping is just a lot, lot, lot of fun! I got a pair of jeans. I think that’s it.


Then I came home and decided that before we ate supper, I was going to play my guitar. I haven’t been playing it much but the last two days I’ve played it. My fingers hurt because I haven’t played enough but it’s nice to get back into the swing of things.
SchoolPhotos2010 108

That’s my Monday.
And the rest of the week is going to be JUST as busy.


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Georgianna Penn said...

Wow, sounds busy. Kind of like my life. :P Funny, for some reason I thought once I finished school I would have all the time in the world. What happened to that!?

I've been getting back into playing my guitar after a rather long period of not really having the time too, I'm loving it! I need to find some new songs though, I keep playing the same ones over and over again.