Friday, October 29, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 18

Day 18: Something You Regret

I, like my mom, think that if we ask God for forgiveness, we should not dwell on the things that we've done in our past. But there's really NOT that much that I truly regret doing in my 17 (almost!) years.

I'd say that, even though this wasn't really my choice, going to public school for three years was the thing I regret most. I know that I didn't have much say in it, because my parents got the decision, but those three years were some of the worst of my entire life.
I'd also say that I regret losing some of my best friends, from falling-outs that weren't even worth it. I guess it is how it's supposed to be, but I definitely miss people that I used to be very close to.

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