Monday, March 7, 2011


Day 27: A Physical Feature You Love

I didn't quite understand this one, so if I took it the wrong way, forgive me now! :P

Okay. Okay. Here goes.

I love eyes.

Yes. Eyes.

Especially when they're blue.

Some people have those blue eyes that just "pop" when you see them. They just make me smile.

A lot of my characters in stories have blue eyes that "pop", because I love them.

Yes. Eyes.


Miss Eyebright said...

Boy, this would be a tough question to answer! I think you did a good job of it, though. As for me, I'm not sure what physical feature I love...

Charity . . . or Elphaba said...

I posted about eyes too!!! Oh gosh they're pretty.

Sky said...

I did this too!

"Because the eyes are the window to the soul..." xD