Saturday, March 19, 2011

My best friend, Sky, and another friend of mine are doing a monthly blog meme for writers. I am going to do this...because, well, this girls writes. I love writing. So here are my answers for the first month's questions.

Trying to figure out what character to do here....Elysse. That's who I shall do.

  • Does your character have a methodical or disorganized personality?
    Oh my, oh my. My characters are usually all disorganized. About everything. Can I just say that now? I think it's partly because I, myself, am disorganized, except when it comes to writing. I usually always have my characters almost completely planned out before i start writing. As for a plot though...well, that usually slowly comes along with the characters. The characters are more important to me than a plot. If I can't connect with my characters....I can't write a story about them.

    But then...Elysse is one of the most organized characters I have. She is from a book - or story - I am planning to write with my friend, Sky. She is one of those characters that yes, I can totally relate to, but no, I am nothing like.

  • Does he or she think inside themselves more than they talk out loud to their friends? (more importantly, does he or she actually have friends?)
    Think inside themselves? More to themselves. But they've almost always got a best friend. In my latest story, my main characters are based off of my best friend and me, so it's simply so easy to write, it's not even funny.

    Elysse- her best friend is a guy. They've known each other since they were babies and have been best friends since then. They fight like crazy, but couldn't imagine life without each other. They are so close.

  • Does his or her name have a special meaning?
    My characters' names all have their own special meanings. My character's names MUST be names that I absolutely love, and would ... mostly likely, name my kids the names someday. Because, in a way, my characters are my children. I name them, I tell them what to do.
    Oh wait. My characters actually tell ME what to do a lot of the time.
    Kinda crazy.
    Only writers would understand what I mean by that, am I right?

    Does her name have a special meaning? Well, I'm not exactly sure how I came up with her name. I usually look through a baby name book and think "OH! That's a really cute name...I love that." But for this one, I'm not exactly sure how I came up with it for her.

  • Is there something he or she is afraid of?
    I think that everyone has their fears and my characters usually have ONE thing that they are deathly afraid of - whether it be snakes (ick) or something more meaningful like not being able to trust people.

    Elysse is most afraid of losing people in her life that she loves more than anything. She's lost a lot over the years that she's been on earth and she's afraid that people are going to walk out on her when she needs them the most.

  • Does he or she write, dream, dance, sing, or photograph?
    Usually at least ONE of the words listed above.

    Elysse is ... none of the above, actually. Sure, she enjoys doing those things - but she's not really an avid writer. Oh...I know. The girl is a dreamer. Which is up there, but I didn't notice it until I reread the list. She loves to sit and dream about what life she will have and who she will marry and what her life will turn out to be.

  • What is his or her favorite book? (or genre of books)
    Elysse loves reading. But I'm not sure that I ever thought of what her favorite book was. She definitely would enjoy Christian nonfiction over everything else. But I would have to say that if I had to pick her a favorite book - it would be the....

  • Who is his or her favorite author and/or someone that inspires him or her?
    God. Definitely. He's the author of creation, right? What better author is there?

  • Favorite flavor of ice cream?
    Oooohhh...yum, ice cream. I would definitely say oreo. And yes, it helps that I also like oreo ice cream.

  • Favorite season of the year?
    Fall. Yep. She loves the fall.

  • What is their full name?
    Elysse Marie Moser.
    Better known as Elle.
    She never is called Elysse. It's too girly for me. Even though she is one of my more girly characters she's definitely not girly enough to go by Elysse. So yeah, she's Elle almost all the time. Or her best friend calls her Ellie occasionally (when she lets him get away with it.)


    Sky said...

    He also calls her Ellie Bean!!! Ahahaha. And m'dear.

    Okay, okay. I couldn't resist.

    I totally loved this. A lot of this I didn't even know, even though she's one of our characters. Crazy, huh? This was great! I loved hearing about her, and now I'm even more excited to start!

    I'm just curious...
    What's her favorite color? xD

    Love you,

    Georgianna Penn said...

    I'm called Elle on rare occasions. In fact, I believe you're the one who first called me that. ;)

    Glad you're taking part in Beautiful People!