Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blog Challenge

Day 4: Favorite TV Show

Favorite NEW - recent - TV Show:

I absolutely love this show. It has a mix of mystery, humor and romance. It is fit for children to watch- unlike a lot of tv shows that are on now days - and my siblings, parents and I all love it!

Favorite Old - 80s - TV show:

It's hard for me to pick just one from then, but I think that my favorite is probably:

Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteries
These are amazing too! They star Shawn Cassidy, Parker Stevenson & Pamela Sue Martin.

1 comment:

Sky said...

I could've seen that coming. :P (Psych! Psych! Psych!)

I actually was surprised at the second show you mentioned. I've never even heard of it, but it looks good! Thank goodness for old 80's shows.