Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More...(Originally posted on September 23rd, 2007)

Hey~ I thought that since it was Sunday, i should probably show you the pictures we took on Wednesday!
Here is a picture of Jessie ( Crystal's daughter) and Gracie:

Here is one of the four girls~ From left to right is~ me, Ansley, Megan and Elle:

Here is one of all of us kids~ In the back is:
Phoenix, Elle, Alex holding Avarie, Sawyer and Isaiah
Megan in the middle
In the front
Ansley, me holding Ian, Jessie, Madi, and Gracie in the way front

Here is one of Dad and Gracie:

Here is one of Gracie, Ian and me~ in front of the Liberty Bell:

Well~ I need to go and upload some more pictures so I can show you more!

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