Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My day at the Capital (0rginally posted April, 25, 2007)

I had a really good day at the capital. It was really good. I had alot of fun. We went with our representative to this really boring meeting right when we got there. It seemed like it lasted forever but it wasn't even an hour long. Then we went to another meeting at his office with people called " Big brothers~ Big sister". It was a really short meeting. Later we went to a place called " The Hall of the House". This was pretty boring also. But we did get anounced in front of all the people there!
Here are some pictures~

Here is me and Hannah at the Hall of the House~

Here is the ceiling of the Hall of the House.

Here is the wall of the Hall of the House.

Here is me and Kelly ( our rep's secretary).

Here is the ceiling of the Rotunda~ or the room you walk into when you go into the building~ it is really gorgous. Our capital is one of the 5 most beautiful capital buildings in the United States.

Well those are the pictures I took~ I hope you liked them.
God Bless,

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