Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reach For the Stars: Let Your Imatination Soar Review (originally posted September 12th, 2007)

I finished my writing program yesterday, and I wrote the review for her today. Here you go:

Susan K. Marlow has done it again. In addition to her Circle C Adventures books, she has written a program to help teach kids and teens how to become better writers. Writing stories is so much fun, and Mrs. Marlow makes it even more fun. This program first helps you come up with characters for a story. I loved thinking of names for my characters and making them " come alive", as you figure out the personality and the likes and dislikes of your characters. She tells how to make the characters feeling seem real, and teaches us how not to use " dead" words, that have " no meaning" for a story, but also not to use too much detail or the story might become boring. She teaches how to summarizw books, and just get the main point of it, not every little detail ( something I have a little bit of trouble doing). Mrs. Marlow teaches how different points of view sounds in a book. There are two kinds of really used point of views. There is First Person ( which is when you are the one telling the story, like you say I said), then there is third person, ( this point of view lets you get inside everybodys head, not just one), there is also second person, but that isn't used too much in stories. Then she also tells how to hook your reader at the beginning of the story, so that they want to keep on reading the book. She hows that our story should have its ups and downs, not just one or the other. You also don't want to have a boring ending. She says that if your ending is boring, it won't satisfy the readers.
I loved this book and now I have the idea for a new story, and I can't wait to start and get my crazy thoughts down on paper. I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in becoming a better writer.

Thanks for reading the review and I hope that it makes you want to jump up and buy the book to use it!

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